About us

Alpha Import was founded in 1995 and continued rapidly evolving as a private owned company of professionals with a distinguished experience and knowledge and a clear vision to establish new standards in sales, distribution and business in the area of construction. Our company ALFA IMPORT based in Skopje, successfully and with great quality, works for 15 years on the Macedonian market as an independent company with private capital in the construction and building materials. The action field of this company covers distribution in all warehouses in Macedonia.

The main motto of the company is quality and durability.

The modern processes of generating the values ​​held by our company provide efficient, effective and proactive business thus proving their long-term stability, quality and worthiness to its work. We act with great care, dedication and competence. Today, we approach our customers honestly and responsibly, diligently trying to meet all their requirements. The experience and enthusiasm is recognizable feature that allows monitoring and adapting to the needs of the construction market in Macedonia.