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The most important item of our sales program is the quality of the final product. Responsible for this quality, besides the experience, is the highly skilled staff, top raw material – the famous clay, cutting-edge technology and equipment, use of environment friendly materials and taking care of nature.High quality products, and primarily natural roofing solutions, along with spreading awareness about healthy and environment friendly lifestyle, because the tile is made ​​from natural materials. Taking into account that the lifetime of tile is minimum half century, once you decide to cover the roof with a tile, you will make ​​a decision for life. Our sales program includes clay tiles, durable roofing solutions made of natural material- clay and concrete tiles, silicate façade bricks in multiple formats and colours, suitable for all types of masonry walls and lining of the interior, quality clay brick facade with a choice of red, white and pink colours, giter blocks, ventilation blocks and fert beams.

Our sales program also includes the thermal program that produces bearing walls, thermal blocks for walls and thermo blocks for entresol constructions. Thermal insulation glass wool solutions (thermal and sound insulation of mineral wool)Knauf program which includes mineral wool , glass wool , extruded polystyrene (styrodur) and expanded polystyrene ( Styrofoam ) , which is marketed under the name Knauf Rock®, NOBASIL®, Rocksilk®, Thermolan®, Crown®, Polyfoam®, KnaufTherm®, Tervol®, Heralan®.Knauf Insulation is committed to sustainable development and environment protection, because their products are made from materials that can be recycled.